Use of graphs for the modeling and analysis of social systems
18 Mar 2016 Avignon (France)


The Laboratoire Informatique d'Avignon (LIA - Avignon Computer Science Lab) organizes a one-day seminar at Avignon on the 18th of March 2016, about the use of graphs (in particular signed graphs) for the modeling and analysis of social systems. The seminar is constituted of six plenary presentations. The targeted audience is quite large, from computer scientists and mathematicians for the methodological aspect, to political scientists, geographer and sociologists for the applicative side.

Our goal is to bring together theoretical and applied researchers, in order to allow multidisciplinary collaborations to flourish. This is also the goal of Agorantic the research federation to which our lab belongs. For this purpose, we scheduled significant time periods to let people chat, including a long lunch break and a cocktail after the last presentation.

The access to this seminar is free. However, registration is compulsory, for logistics matters (limit of 50 persons). Details regarding how to access the room where the seminar will take place are available on the Map page.

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